Welcome to Victory: Your Child’s Home Away from Home!

We’re Thrilled to Welcome You!

Greetings to our Victory family! At Victory, we’re more than just a gym; we’re the heart of the community for children. Our mission goes beyond teaching skills – we aim to be your child’s home away from home, a place where they build lasting friendships and discover strong role models.

To ensure your family’s comfort on the first day, we’ve put together a handy FAQ guide addressing common questions. If you need more information or have additional queries, feel free to reply to this email, and we’ll be delighted to assist you.

1. What should my child wear on the first day of class?

Ensuring the safety of athletes and staff is our priority. Here are the attire requirements for various classes:

  • All Levels Tumbling & Preschool: Athletic wear (t-shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings).
  • Cheerleading Fundamentals & Sideline Cheerleading: T-Shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings; Ponytail with a bow.
  • Ninja: Victory Ninja t-shirt or regular t-shirt, athletic shorts, clean indoor tennis shoes.
  • Hip Hop: T-Shirt or tank top and shorts or leggings, clean indoor tennis shoes.

Remember to have long hair pulled back tightly, and please, no jewelry.

2. Where should I park?

Parking is a breeze at Victory! Feel free to park anywhere in our spacious gravel lot. Our considerate staff parks farthest from the door, ensuring the closest spaces, especially convenient for those with small children. Handicap accessibility is also available.

3. Where are you located?

Find us at 720 Chastain Blvd East, Glencoe, AL 35905 – close to Dollar General off Green Valley.

4. How long are classes, and do parents need to stay?

Class durations vary from 50 minutes to 1 hour, with Ninja and Preschool running for 45 minutes. During their first class, parents are encouraged to stay to experience their child’s class fully. After their first class, preschool parents are required to stay, while others may drop off/pick up.

We make your experience comfortable with free WiFi and electrical outlets upstairs and downstairs, so bring your laptop or electronic device if you’d like.

5. What amenities do you offer?

Beyond fantastic classes, we have changing tables in the bathrooms, an amazing concession stand (grab dinner while you’re here), and workout classes for parents.

6. What will we do on the first day?

Arrive a few minutes early for a special welcome! Tour our facility, capture your child’s picture, provide information for their profile, and sign the waiver. Speed up your first day by filling out the waiver ahead of time on your iClass Pro account here.

7. What will my child learn at Victory?

At Victory, we’re committed to the whole-person concept. While your child learns tumbling, cheer, dance, gymnastics, or ninja skills, our core values take center stage. In 20 years, they may not remember all their skills, but they’ll embody these values. Explore Victory’s core values here to see how they apply to athletes, parents, and staff.

We’re excited to welcome your family to our programs. If you have any more questions before your child’s first day, feel free to respond to this email or give us a call at 256-390-0205!