No matter what kind of cheerleader you are, you should always keep all of your necessities in your cheer bag! For example, here are five things you should definitely keep in your cheer bag.
1. Water, gatorade, or whatever your favorite thirst quencher might be! Staying hydrated is very important, especially during physical activity. This one is a must!
2. Cheerleading uniforms and practice clothes. Uniforms are arguably the most important piece of equipment required for the sport, and it never hurts to have some extra practice clothes just in case!
3. Hair Care! You never know when you might need extra hair ties or a hair brush, and you certainly cannot forget your bow!
4. Hygiene products! Pack your deodorant, chapstick, and hygiene products. You never know what you may need to refresh!
5. Cheer shoes, and don’t forget socks! You will need your cheer shoes for your own safety, and it is no fun to wear those cheer shoes with no socks!

If you are searching for more advice on everything you need to pack in your cheer bag or looking for a place to cheer, you can contact Victory Cheer and Tumble at 256-390-0205! Victory is located in Gadsden, Alabama and offers cheerleading, tumbling, and ninja training!