Preschool Rec Classes


Step into a world of boundless energy and excitement with our Recreational Preschool Tumbling Classes designed for the spirited ages of 1-5! In this dynamic and engaging environment, your little ones will embark on a journey of discovery, building fundamental motor skills, balance, and coordination through playful activities and age-appropriate tumbling exercises.

Our certified instructors foster a nurturing atmosphere, ensuring each child develops not just physical skills but also confidence and a love for movement. From colorful mats to cheerful tunes, every detail is crafted to make this tumbling class a delightful and enriching experience for your preschooler.

Join us as we flip, roll, and tumble into a world of joy and development.


  Ages 18 months – 2 years

During these classes for our youngest athletes, we focus on independent learning as well as group learning skills. We will teach the fundamentals of tumbling, core strength, balance, and flexibility. The help of mom or dad is welcomed during this class.


  Age 3 years

Our Turbos class is for 3-year-olds only. We focus on tumbling skills, balance, flexibility, and strength.

Athletes will work on t-lever lunges, bar hangs, handstand holds, jumping on one foot, donkey kicks, forward/backward rolls, and cartwheels.


  Age 4 years

Our Little Engines class is for 4-year-olds only. Our instructors focus on our athletes improving their balance, strength, flexibility, and tumble skills.

Athletes will work on handstand holds, bar swings, cartwheels, forward rolls, and backward rolls.


  Age 5 years

Our Fast Lane class is for 5-year-olds only. Where the journey to tumbling excellence begins at the perfect pace for your energetic 5-year-olds!

Join us for the Fast Lane, where every tumble, jump, and flip is a milestone toward unlocking the full potential of your child’s tumbling abilities. Enroll now, and let the journey to confidence and skill mastery begin!